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  • HM-ZX1614 Automatic Molded Pulp Tray Forming machine
  • HM-ZX1614 Automatic Molded Pulp Tray Forming machine
  • HM-ZX1614 Automatic Molded Pulp Tray Forming machine

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Product Description:

This machine is a two-stage pulp molding machine developed by our company for molded pulp tray products. It can be connected to a single machine or multiple machines for fully automatic production. It is suitable for the processing of large products, such as molded tableware, electric product molded pulp tray, egg trays, etc. All kinds of molded pulp tray products, and the minimum draft angle is 0 degrees, starting from production and processing.

 Process Flow;

1,The steel beam structure: adopts high-quality carbon steel material after welding and annealing process, enhance the stability of the machine.

2,The hot-pressing template adopts nodular cast iron to ensure strength and rigidity requirements.

3,The parts directly in contact with wet pulp are made of stainless steel: such as conveying pipeline, Pulp tank... etc.

4,Control system: equipped with positive and negative pressure control system, which is conducive to semi-finished products and finished product demoulding.

5,Cleaning system: the surface of the die is sprayed with high pressure water, and the rough edge of the product is sprayed with low pressure water.

6,After hot pressing, the product is placed on the conveyor belt by turning mechanism.

7,The machine adopts PLC+ touch screen man-machine system for suction time, hot pressing time, platform position movement... and other production setting parameters.

8,Heat source: electric heating.

9,The whole production process is composed by three setions, Pulp section, hot pressing section, flip output part, In the Pulp Suction section: the pulp is adsorbed on the pulping die, and then prepressed, and then moved to the hot pressing section。In the hot pressing section: the prepressed wet billet is transferred to the hot pressing mold, then formed by hot pressing at high temperature and drying。In flip output part: the hot pressed product will be transferred to the conveyor belt。


Proudction Flow:


Finished Product:



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