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HM-ZXTK4030 Automatic Lining Machine is an automatic equipment for card lining process in the premium boxes, which aims to highlight the screen glue.. It is suitable to paste the lining and press the box in automatic production lines.

This machine uses a backpack paper feeding mechanism to feed the lining from under the belt.And through the suction paper feeding mechanism (1) to suction the lining onto the calibration table to correcct, and suction the mechanism (2). The lining is sucked onto the screen printing mold for screen printing.After the screen glue,the mold rotes 180°with the ring gear,and the mold head is vertically turned down to reach the card position.

This machine can be directly connected to the box  forming machine.The machanism of lifting box (1)and (2)will place the box accurately under the  lining mold, and paste the lining when the ring rotates 180°to reach the position, then move the box.Finally mechanism of lifting box (3) send the box to the Pressing machine for pressing  

Features and function:

1. Suitable for constituting automatic production lines 

2. Suitable for lining and pressing various rigid boxes

3. Multi-axis servo robot feeding and spotting

4.This machine adpots screen glue system

5.Adopts PLC and man-machine control

6.Auto error stop and display


The above parameters are for reference only. If the customer has special requirements, please contact the  relevant salesman


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