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HM-TK3510CT Automatic Screen Lining Machine is an automatic equipment for card lining process in the paper, the scope of application of the machine is: mobile phone box, watch box and other papers with pasted cards, suitable for partial gluing in the packaging printing industry.

This machine not only adopts the servo control system,but also the camera positioning correction system to quickly pick up the fine alignment of the card paper by the visual system and the robot.

This machine includes paper feeder,paper correction,screen glue (the rack can move left and right),cardboard paper table (nonstop feeder design), cardboard single-axis robot transfer, card paper correction part. The card positioning part (the frame can be moved left and right), the robot grabs the alignment part, and the light source adopts a red and white two-color light source, a multiple camera detection part and a central control electric part.

Features and funcyion:

1 Suitable for assembly line work of automatic production lines.

2 It is suitable for all kinds of rigid boxes;embossing boxes partially glued.

3 Adopt the automatic correction function of the pull paper.

4 This machine adopts screen glue, and auto feed cardpaper with nonstop system

5 Adopt PLC automatic control,touch screen man-machine interface to set working paramaters.

6 Auto error stop and display. 


The above parameters are for reference only. If the customer has special requirements, please contact the  relevant salesman

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