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  • HM-ZD6435A Automatic Rigid Box Machine
  • HM-ZD6435A Automatic Rigid Box Machine
  • HM-ZD6435A Automatic Rigid Box Machine

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HM-ZD6435A Automatic Rigid Box Machine:

HM-ZD6435A Automatic Rigid Box Machine,designed for embossed paper or different thickness paper,which can apply for partial screen glue. It is suitable for various types of premium boxes' production especiallylike mobile phone boxes, watch boxes, tea boxes, gift boxes, and cosmetic boxes etc. And its size range isbigger and more suitable for current packaging market. Machine's appearance is new design which is saferand more beautiful.

HM-ZD6435A adopt PLC and man-machine control, camera tracing system, and can automatically feedcover paper, screen glue, spot greyboard, lift box, wrap box, fold corner edges and form box.

Using the cyclic overturning feeding structure independently developed by Hongming, the automaticfeeding of lining can be realized, the double-position of screen printing glue part can realize the partial glueof the paper, and the glue is thin and even. Double color conveyor can avoid changing to other color belt,which is Hongming's patent. The spotting unit adopts camera tracing system and robot arm to pick and spot the greyboard ,enhancing the spotter accuracy to ±0.05mm, and its spotting and adjusting is more faster .The forming unit employs THK linear slider and virtual electronic cam driving system, guaranteeing the stable quality and fluent movement and enlarge the foldin

HM-ZD6435A Automatic Rigid Box Machine

HM-ZD6435A Automatic Rigid Box Machine Features and function:

1. Suit to all kinds of rigid boxes in mass production;

2. Auto error stop and display;

3. Automatic feed paper;

4. Screen glue function;

5. Adopt YAMAHA servo control system;

6. Spotter by camera tracing system and SCARA(Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm)(spotting accuracy±0.05mm)

7. Wrapper can automatic lift and wrap box.

Technical parameters



1The Finished Box Max. sizes are determined by paper

size.A(Min.)W+2H+2T+2RA(Max.); B(Min.)L+2H+2T+2RB(Max.)

2The production speed of the rigid box machine is determined by the box size,

the paper and the greyboard materials.

3Seller doesn't provide air compressor.(8atm=0.808MPa, 7.5kW compressor is needed)

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