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Hongming Machinery Delivered 3 sets of Automatic Rigid Box Machines during last Week

From May 4 to May 8, we, Dongguan Hongming Machinery Co.,Ltd shipped 3 sets of Fully Automatic Rigid Box Machines, as following:

1. HM-ZD6418E Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine, 2 sets to domestic market, for making phone boxes.

2. HM-ZD240 Automatic Rigid Box Maker, 1 set to overseas market, for making jewelry boxes.


We also shipped out a lot of Semi-auto Box Machines, such as HM-650A Automatic Gluing Machine for coating paper, HM-40 Corner Pasting Machine for sealing the stayers of cardboard, and so on.


Please come and have a look at our website. And you will find how our machines can help you reduce the labor and increase the output. 


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