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orientation of HONGMING INTELLIGENT JOINT STOCK CO., LTD's new business area, now begin.

Gather together in the beautiful tongsha district of dongguan city to witness this joyous and historic moment. On the morning of December 18, guangdong hongming intelligence co., ltd. and guangdong baliwei technology co., ltd. jointly held the ground-breaking opening ceremony on the industrial land of dongke road, dongcheng science and technology park, dongguan city.

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After heaven, earth, under the protection of the four gods, lay the foundation between heaven and earth, lay the foundation in the heart of all the descendants of the Chinese nation, sincerity is the spirit, we will be eternal, solid sustainable development and progress.

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Our Chairman Mr.jin jian, Vice Chairman Ms.Cai, General Manager Wang, General Manager Xia and other related leaders and VIPs attended the event. At the same time, we also received warm congratulations from the Dongcheng District Government including : Yu Haotang, the deputy director of Dongguan Dongcheng District Office, Ren hexi, the director of  Dongcheng District Public Utilities Service Center, and  some other  government officials from Dongcheng District Commerce Bureau and Dongcheng District Industrial Information Technology Bureau

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The company responded to market demand, expanded production, and took "smart manufacturing 2025" as a development opportunity to comprehensively promote the company's smart manufacturing equipment upgrade. It is expected that the project will produce good economic and social benefits after the project is put into production.

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The land of this project: 16,707.71 square meter , building area: 66,830.84, prepare to build the office, R&D department and workshop in one building, and one more build for hostel. Plan to invest 220 million , and complete with concerning department's check and accept before December 2021.

At least RMB 400 million of GDP can be reach every year as soon as the project complete. Ofer 500 jobs for people, at lease RMB 20 million tex payable, 3% profit will be invest and one invention patent apply in every year.


Hong Ming infrastructure blueprint

In recent years, Guangdong Hongming Intelligent Co., Ltd. maintains high-speed and sustainable development. The manufacturing industry in Dongcheng District of Dongguan City was rated as the top ten tax payers for four consecutive years from 2015 to 2018, which made a conribution to Dongcheng.In 2018, it was certified by guangdong engineering and technology research center, and passed the certification of fusion management system and quality system.From 2018 to 2019, it has been awarded as guangdong province's contract-heavy credit enterprise for two consecutive years. In 2019, it has been awarded with a series of honorary qualifications such as guangdong province's intellectual property rights demonstration enterprise.

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Guangdong hongming intelligent new base construction, is a key step towards the world;It is also a solid step for hon Ming to complete its industrial structure and overall industrial layout.Moreover, hon Ming ren has drawn a grand blueprint for China's intelligent box manufacturing.

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