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  • HM-ZD350E/600E Automatic Gluing and spotter Machine
  • HM-ZD350E/600E Automatic Gluing and spotter Machine
  • HM-ZD350E/600E Automatic Gluing and spotter Machine
  • HM-ZD350E/600E Automatic Gluing and spotter Machine

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HM-ZD350E/600E Automatic Gluing and spotter Machine Functional specifications

HM-ZD350E/600E Automatic Gluing and spotter Machine, is suitable to produce all kinds of rigid boxes, such as jewelry boxes, mobile phone boxes. gift boxes,cosmetic boxes. watch boxes, and some special rigid boxes, etc. Its box minimum size is 45x45x10mm and maximum size is 350x250x120mm. This box size range is larger than before so as to meet the nowadays need from the market.

These models are with a brand new exterior which can both impress your eyes and keep you safe.

This machine adopts PLC, servo. touch screen, and CCD positioning system, which al enable the machine to feed paper, glue paper and spotter the box automatical-ly and fluently.

The feeder, the gluer and the conveyor are driven by servo system which has continuously variable transmission and enjoys high accuracy. easy adusting. and less time

consumption. The spotter adopts camera and robot arm to pick and spot the greybeard, enhancing the spotting accuracy to ±0.05mm

The whole machine needs only 1 operator and can produce upto 2000pcs/hour.

>Features and function

1. Suit to all kinds of paper and box shell for positioning.

2. Suit to all kinds of paper and cardboard for positioning(Only by HM-ZD600E).

3. Computer control for all parameter setting.

4. Fault diagnosis function.

5. Automatic feed paper.

6. 24-hours control for glue pre-heating

7. Servo system for controlling the whole machine.

8. CCD positioning system and robot arm for positioning the box shell.

9.Automatic control system of glue viscosity (optional).

10. Corner conveyor for box shells (optional).

>Technical parameters

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1. The Card Paper size is determined by the cardboard's size and quality.

2. The production speed of this machine is determined by the paper quality, the box shell size/quality and cardboard size/quality.

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