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  • HM-PX1000 Manual Grooving Machine
  • HM-PX1000 Manual Grooving Machine
  • HM-PX1000 Manual Grooving Machine
  • HM-PX1000 Manual Grooving Machine
  • HM-PX1000 Manual Grooving Machine

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HM-PX1000 Manual Grooving Machine


This machine notch the greybaord on a plate. Thus this machine causes no curve or wrinkle on the greyboard and guarantees the output greyboard quality.

Ps, this machine need air compressor 0.75kW.


1.  The whole machine is controlled by PLC, easy operation.

2.  The feeding plate is controled by linear guide and servo motor, which makes every movement fast and accurate.

3. The feeding plate is outfitted with a high-press drough fan, preventing the paper/board from diviation.

4.  All the knives are made of wear resistant tungsten steal. And there is knife sharpener as one of the spare parts, which can sharpen the knives for repeated use.

5.  The knives are fitted in the middle of the machine, out of reach and upwards of safty.

6.  Can notch various of paper and boards, such as paper, cardboard, paperboard, density boards, etc.

7.  Suitable to small size paper/board, including jewlery boxes.

8. Output the └┘shape (flat groove) and can get a shape at the edge of the board.

9.  Induce no dust during grooving, the removed is recyclable strips, and the grooves are smooth without hair.

10.This machine needs air compressor with power over 0.75kW.  




Greyboard With


Greyboard Length


Notch Distance


Greyboard thickness


Max Notch numbers





AC380V / 5.5kW

Net weight





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