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  • HM-500Z Rigid Box Forming Machine
  • HM-500Z Rigid Box Forming Machine
  • HM-500Z Rigid Box Forming Machine
  • HM-500Z Rigid Box Forming Machine

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HM-500Z Automatic Box Forming Machine (Quick Die Change)

1. Performance:

Put the box on the mold manually, and the machine will run automatically to complete the box edging, ear pushing, hemming, and foam pressing processes at one time;

During the debugging process of this machine, there is no need to replace the bubble board and the blade, just input the length, width and height of the product, and the machine will automatically adjust the mold, reducing the time of mold changing and adjusting steps, and improving production efficiency and quality.

2. Features:

(1). Double servo motor drive, PLC programmable control, Chinese and English touch screen operation;

(2). There is no need to manually adjust the distance between the surrounding bases, and the stepper motor drives to move forward and backward smoothly; there is no need to replace the bubble plate and the shovel;

(3). All control accessories adopt international high-end brands, with low failure and high accuracy; with failure alarm display function;

(4). With two operation modes: manual and automatic; with servo box ejection and air cylinder ejection box; a variety of box making modes are available for selection, suitable for deep bag and bottom box type;

(5). With product memory function, parameters can be quickly saved, and can be quickly transferred to version;

(6). It is suitable for ear-matching and ear-matching box type. The extension length of the cylinder can be adjusted according to the length of the facial paper ears;

(7). Imported safety grating protection, with a sense of emergency stop function, to ensure the safety of the operator.

3. Technical parameters:


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