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All in Print Shanghai Exhibition on 14-17 November 2014

See you in All in Print Shanghai Exhibition on 14-17 November 2014. Our Booth No: N1A119 / N1A211. Hongming Machinery will show the latest 3 (automatic box making machine) series, these machines can help your printed packaging simpler, more convenient and more productive.
Hongming Machinery joint with Sheng Ding Group and Yaco, exhibited the largest booth which is 1400m2. We will be exhibited many products, and each with distinct characteristics: such as Hongming automatic box making machine series, Switzerland STEINEMANN PUR laminating machine Steinemann, Germany ACHILLES Achilles water speed laminating machine, East Branch LEADER water speed laminating machine, automatic die-cutting machine and bronzing Shi Heng machines, automatic paste box machine and Grand gluer, RITONG for wire and posted double-sided window stickers melter. People in the industry are welcome to visit the exhibition Sheng Ding Group (Booth: N1A119 / N1A211), more exciting to present to you in the field.

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