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Hongming thanks for your coming | SHANGHAI All in Print in 2020 got a perfect close

The 8th China All in Print in 2020 has concluded on the autumn equinox. As the first comprehensive exhibition in the field of printing and packaging after the epidemic, it has a strong stimulating effect on boosting market confidence and industry enthusiasm.


Even in the special environment of 2020, many exhibitors of this year's China International Full Printing Exhibition present their first new products. No matter in the field of digital printing or packaging and post-printing, it has brought many surprises to the audience, attracting the attention and participation of industry professionals and prospective customers.


Although the exhibition has been a perfect curtain, but the wonderful post-press packaging equipment is not over. Now, keep up with me, re-visit the exhibition, and review every wonderful moment.

Hongming exhibition site

Rigid box machine

Rigid box machine

The extraordinary in 2020 is of extraordinary significance. We are going against the current to find our new orientation, new thinking, new driving forces and new creativity. The more we face adversity, the more we need to collaborate and co-exist for win-win cooperation. Create the packaging era of the industry new ecology, grow together, hand in hand! In the tide of such an era, Hongming is not absent, you are not absent!

Hongming equipment site


During the show

The flow of people is restless

Hongming's positive energy shines brilliantly

The focal point of the venue converges

Eyes are full of youth, valiant and heroic

Every audience is looking forward to hung Ming exhibition

The energy is there, the energy is there

Rigid box machine

Rigid box machine

Exhibition Site



Hongming focus on research and development, customer demand as the center, in the post-press technology in pursuit of efficient, intelligent, convenient, accurate box making equipment technology, has been widely used in all kinds of high-quality goods packaging boxes, mobile phone boxes, jewelry boxes, cosmetics boxes, wine boxes and other market fields. In the way of production and innovation research and development all the way forward, the products are all over the world in many regions, widely recognized by the domestic and foreign markets.


On the exhibition site, Hongming actively participated in the exhibition with a variety of automatic and intelligent equipment. The products include HM-ZD6418k & HM-ZD350D  automatic rigid box making machine, HM-600E automatic gluing and spotter machine, Pressing machine, cover box machine and other intelligent combination production line, which fully demonstrates the production strength and innovation vitality of Hongming.


Rigid box machine

Rigid box machine

Rigid box machine

Rigid box machine

The high-speed intelligence of our rigid box equipment was demonstrated on site, attracting a large number of visitors, who were particularly interested in the features, functions and core technologies of post-press packaging products.

Rigid box machine

Rigid box machine

Rigid box machine

In this exhibition, the brand new technology and innovative equipment brought by Hongming make the box producer practitioners feel unprecedented and beyond imagination of new technology, so that the people on the scene of the exhibition are always amazed, and get their recognition and high support. It proves that Hongming can also create new value and expand new opportunities for printing enterprises.



Your support is our driving force, your recognition is our biggest harvest, because of you, we strive to run forward, because of you, we continue to promote the development of innovation. At last, I would like to thank all the guests for coming all the way to attend the Exhibition of Hung Ming Shanghai. At the same time, I would like to thank our staff for their tireless efforts in the exhibition, because you have presented us with an unforgettable feast! Thank you, we can jointly witness an unparalleled exhibition, because of you and wonderful, proud of you!

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