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The 5th Chinese seal post-integration solution promotion meeting of shengding group was successfully concluded


On October 10, 2019, a printing industry event has arrived.

Since March 2015, the first integration solution meeting after the "Chinese seal" the success of the beginning, by the year 2019 has been successfully held five sessions, has attracted more and more personnel to participate in and influence is also more and more widely, the meeting aims to reasonable combination and matching of post-press equipment, display post-press processing technology, assist printing and packaging industry more healthy development.


Mr. Yan shibin, director of shengding group and chairman of yancheng dongke machinery technology co., LTD., introduced the presentation.


Representatives and directors of fraternal enterprises

The promotion activities by hong Ming sheng ding group intelligence, general machinery, ShengDingYuan company, macro view machinery, Shanghai yao, the Yangtze river, the character figure of new science and technology, modern domhke, top xing machinery, Arnold jie, shenglan notices international, bag king jointly organized by 12 brothers, such as environmental protection science and technology, rich Ann town people's government, cooperated with joint field at home and abroad gathered nearly more than 600 guests at the same time, the bustling crowd, common witness festival perfect carry out!



Through guest speeches, printing process, efficiency, how to save labor cost, material cost and how to create profit and other personnel training, the promotion conference also pointed out that there are several highlights in the exhibition products, which can feel the innovation and progress of post-press technology and equipment.


1, before the coated code line, suitable for future product traceability, two processes completed at a time, according to the product positioning can be locally popular, such as wine bags.

2, coated hot melt knife cut, completely solve the problem of coated tail film, more conducive to the screen, bronzing, die-cutting, laminating process efficiency, will not affect the positioning accuracy and adhesion because of the tail film.

3, silver card production line, high-end quality packaging with a large number of silver CARDS unit, can produce their own silver card, per square cost savings of 0.5 yuan more than the return on investment is more impressive than the printing press, xian junlong has been widely used.

4. Connect the inspection pasting box and complete the two processes at one time, which is suitable for card box products and improves the efficiency.Use 50% less labor.

5, paste the window box line, two processes completed once.

6, digital UV cold stamping, to meet the needs of personalized small batch.

Technological innovation combined with actual demand is at the forefront of the market, which can help us optimize and upgrade the enterprise process, save labor and reduce production costs.



General manager hongming delivered a speech in hongxi exhibition area





In hongxi exhibition area, various functions and models of heaven and earth cover box equipment in accordance with the prescribed process line orderly arrangement, the formation of automatic, modular and other post-press processing production lines, the scene is spectacular.

All kinds of post-press equipment representing the front-end technology of packaging and printing industry were exhibited. The guests at the scene visited the equipment demonstration under the guidance of hongming business staff, greatly appreciated the equipment and exchanged technical exchanges with each other. The atmosphere was very warm.



Hongming is the general manager of the site carefully answer the questions about the machine


Hongming mechanical equipment display



In the day of the harvest, entrepreneurs are the biggest harvest is customer recognition of our products and appreciation, at the scene that day is success contributed to the signing of the order 126, clinch a deal amount is up to 150 million, customer support and recognition, is to inspire us forward, continuous innovation, persistence can provide customers high quality of equipment.

The special charm of postpress field was shown to nearly a thousand guests and customers on the spot. The evening after the equipment demonstration, there was an exciting lucky draw for smashing golden eggs, which directly pushed the already warm exhibition atmosphere to the climax.At last, we went back to the hotel for a dinner of appreciation and toasts. The fifth post-india integration promotion conference came to a successful conclusion.

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