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Hongming participates in the Malaysia international printing and packaging exhibition


Red August, gathering the colors of fire;Deep feelings in August, to write our feelings;August is full of youthful atmosphere, and hongming is full of enthusiasm to embark on a new journey in Malaysia -- Kuala Lumpur prince world trade printing exhibition.This is hongming's first exhibition in Malaysia, a new environment, a new start, a new challenge.Our frontline personnel have been unable to withstand the trembling heart, ready to go, long journey.Now everything is ready, just to meet with you.


invitation letter
Rigid box machine


The exhibition to introduce

Rigid box machine

IPMEX, the Malaysia printing and packaging exhibition, is held every two years by kesson trade fair Malaysia limited.IPMEX, Malaysia printing and packaging exhibition, and Malaysia advertising exhibition and Malaysia lighting exhibition were held at the same time.

IPMEX is southeast Asia influential international trade fair, a Malaysian publishing and printing of the ministry of the interior, tourism and culture, and Malaysia exhibition bureau (MyCEB) support, and Malaysian foreign trade development council (MATRADE) and printing association recognized both at home and abroad.

IPMEX last year attracted 326 exhibitors with a total number of 20,000 customers. PutrWorld Trade Centre was held with an exhibition area of 15,000 square meters.

The exhibition scope

Packaging machinery and accessories: vacuum packaging machine, box pasting machine, bag making machine, labeling machinery, packaging machinery, daily chemical supplies packaging machinery, box making equipment, medicine packaging machinery, plastic machinery, all kinds of die cutting tool accessories

Printing equipment: offset press, plate making equipment, die cutting machine, printing machine, trademark printing machine

Pre-press equipment: desktop production system, advertising creative production system, software, scanners, etc

After printing equipment: paper cutting machine, binding machine, laminating machine, folding machine, veneer machine, indentation machine, stamping machine.

hongming exhibition

Exhibition name:   Malaysia international printing paper and packaging machinery exhibition


Booth Number:   2120

Hall:   02

Date:     August 1st to 4th 2019


Rigid box machine
Hongming exhibition





Has the global packaging printing industry pioneer;

Share the latest post-press packaging technology;

Have like-minded friends in the industry.


With hongming intelligent manufacturing box manufacturing customized solutions;

With hongming's latest research and development of smart equipment;


Hongming carries a fully automatic hm-zd6418c-g machine

Discuss business opportunities with you at the Malaysia exhibition

I look forward to seeing you there

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