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hongming participated in the Moscow international packaging exhibition, and the exhibition ended perfectly


On June 18,2019, hongming travered thousands of miles to attend the Moscow international packagong exhibition to communicate with friends and like-minded business partners around the world .

In this exhibition,hongming will bring hm-500z,our company's automatic tiandi cover forming machine,toshow inthe international exhibition.communicate with foreign friends on the spot to make more of the country.

Foreign friends can learn about our hongming products and machine intelligent fully automatic operaion process through the exhibition .more importantly,hongming wants to provide operation process through the exhibition .more importantly,hongming wants to provide 

comprehensive packaging solutions for usersCase.




2019 Moscow international packaging exhibition

exhibition information:

The international packaging exhibition in Moscow is held by PRINTECH, which coincides with the famous Russian packaging exhibition ROSUPACK.This can cover the various segments of the printing industry, and provide a wide range of business plans for the industry's most relevant and important trends.Since its inception, it has attracted leaders of packaging industry at home and abroad to gather together every year.Every year, 15,2 and 2 industry experts from 39 countries and 79 regions of Russia participate in this exhibition.

Conference time:

2019.6.18-6.21(Every two years

Exhibition site:

    Central Moscow, Russia Crocus exhibition center


China(Russia)cooperates,exchanges and shares in the exhibition 


A panorama of hong ming exhibition



Our company's syaff is answering every question on the customer's machine in the detail

The device hongming is showing at  international trade shows: Fully automatic ceiling molding machine HM-500E


Features and standard configuration of automatic ceiling cover forming machine;

1. Dual servo motor drive, PLC programmable control, Chinese and English touch screen operation;

2. Do not manually adjust the distance of the surrounding frame, the stepper motor drives the front and rear smooth movement;Do not replace the pressure bubble plate and shovel knife;

3. All control accessories adopt international high-end brands, with fault bottom and high precision;With fault alarm display function;

4. With manual and automatic operation modes;With servo return box, cylinder two return box mode;A variety of box making modes are available, suitable for deep to bottom box type;

5. With the product memory function, the parameters can be saved quickly and the transfer can be called quickly;

6. It is suitable for ear docking and ear matching. The length of cylinder extension can be adjusted according to the length of tissue.

7. Imported safety grating protection, with inductive emergency stop function, to ensure the safety of operators.

technical parameters



 Box Size(Max.)


Box Size(Min.)


Paper Folding In Depth (R)


Working Speed



AC 220V



Air Supply


Net Weight


Machine Dimension


Finally here to struggle in the front line of the exhibition business elite salute, look forward to your return triumphantly heaven and earth cover box machine.

At the same time, we also want to thank them, because they use their own professional knowledge and good service attitude, won the praise of customers.The hard technology of the machine and the intimate and comfortable service are the foundation of our base. We have won the praise in Moscow international exhibition with our technology and service, and draw a perfect end at the end of the exhibition.

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