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With the latest intelligent equipment and gift box solutions, Hongming meets you at the 26th South China International Exhibition on Printing Industry

In March of Yangchun, everything recovered and everything was renewed.

From March 4 to 6, 2018, the 26th South China International Printing Exhibition will be grandly opened in Pazhou China Import and Export Commodity Fair (Area A) in Guangzhou. At that time, Hongming will display a series of fully automatic sky and earth cover intelligent equipment and a series of complete gift box packaging solutions. For more information about the exhibits, you are welcome to visit and guide the exhibition site. (Hong Ming booth: No. 3610, 3.1 Hall, Area A)1551064041971205.png


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The 26th South China International Exhibition on Printing Industry



Exhibition information:


With the increasingly fierce competition in the printing and packaging market, the trend of small batch and individuation becomes more and more obvious, the delivery time is gradually shortened, and the profit space of the printing factory is being continuously compressed. In the era of Internet plus printing, intelligent production has become a trend. We focus on displaying automation technology and solutions in the "Post-press and Packaging Processing" museum to help enterprises improve production efficiency and market competitiveness, and achieve transformation and upgrading.

Not only that, but also the special exhibition of corrugated materials, special paper and other packaging materials, green one-stop flexo printing solutions and other wonderful exhibitions.



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We are looking forward to seeing you at Pazhou China Import and Export Commodity Fair and Exhibition Hall (No. 3610, Pazhou 3.1 Hall, Area A).


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