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Fiery PACK PLUS India Printing and Packaging Exhibition Automatic rigid box machine!

India Packaging International PACKPLUS exhibition is the first international packaging exhibition with professional and representative standards in India.

The exhibition will cater to the packaging and media industry, and 350 large and medium-sized enterprises will participate in the exhibition to show the modern and future technology and equipment level.

It attracted top managers and technicians from the SAARC, the United States, Europe, and the Middle East, South Asia and other countries; the number of participants was up to more than 16000.


time:25-28 july 2018 

Location: New Delhi International Exhibition Center, India

Booth:Hall-12, Stall-12.42

Exhibits:Packaging machinery, materials and equipment, coding and marking solutions, Automatic rigid box machine,flexographic printing, gravure printing and offset printing machines, labels, printing equipment, corrugated carton manufacturing machinery, paper, foil, ink and other consumables, food production and processing equipment, bar code and RFID, rigid and flexible packaging, flexible intermediate container, braiding Bulk packaging solutions such as gunny bags, terminal packaging solutions, supply chain, logistics and material transportation, etc.


Exhibition situation:

Rigid box machine

Rigid box machine

HongMing stall

Rigid box machine

Rigid box machine

Rigid box machine

Rigid box machine

Rigid box machine

Rigid box machine

Customers from different countries came to Hongming's booth one after another, and got a great interest in Hongming's equipment through the docking with Hongming business.

The main equipment is HM-ZD350A Automatic rigid box machine 


350A Automatic rigid box machine can realize different function configuration and various accessories design according to customer's needs. It can satisfy thousands of box design; fast, stable, accurate and convenient to set up and operate. Improve production efficiency, effectively reduce the complexity of production costs in the packaging process of user enterprises.

HongMing Look forward to your visit

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